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Product Application
???? JMB produces the TRB of Metric and Inch series according to ISO standard and American ANSI/ABMA standard. JMB bearing dimension range is OD 35-220mm. Advanced processing technologies and controlling techniques are widely used on JMB bearing for noise reduction and life extension.
? The application of computer aided design can optimize the internal structure parameters and technological parameters according to different working conditions.
? Use SPECTRO spectrometer imported from Germany to inspect incoming steel batch by batch.
? Use nitrogen protection and long tempering to ensure the quality of heat treatment.
? Use full-flaw detection to avoid the material-defected products into next stage.
? Use hyperbola raceway convexity super finishing technology.
? Proprietary intellectual property rights owned by JMB is applied in automatic grinding-assembly line to ensure CPk≥1.67.
? On line automatic inspection & feedback technology can automatically revise grinding parameter.
? Ultra-sonic cleaner is used to ensure the cleanliness of the parts.
? Automatic grinding-assembly line contains the automatic testing function of interchangeability, flexibility and vibration.
? The internal control vibration value 100% achieves V1 standard, in which 60% achieve V2 standard.
???? JMB bearing represents the high standard of low noise and long life in China, and is one of the manufactory and supplier that has been approved by American and European auto parts manufactures.

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